If you have any issues with Storm Faucet, want to report a bug, then you can use our support section for contacting us.
We will try to reply within 7 days depending upon the volume of requests.


Offerwall issues

Your message must not be related to any issue with offerwall service. You need contact their support directly.

Shortlink issues

Your message must not be related to any type of issue with shortlink. We do not own or control any shortlink.

Beg for coins / credits

Any type of message for the purpose of asking for any bonuses or coins on the website is not allowed.

Any type of suggestion

Do not send any type of suggestion to the website, there is a Votes / Polls section where all suggestions are voted by users.

Request for refund

All transactions are sent directly via the blockchain and we do not have the control to return your money if you make a mistake.

English message

Your message must be in understandable English. Any other language will be ignored. Use google translator if necessary.

Complete description

Your issue must be well described, not just words like "fix it". Take screenshots or record your screen if necessary.

If you do not follow instructions mention above, your message will simply be deleted without any reply, spamming messages will result in permanent support ban.


Support Email

The following email is only for support contact.

[email protected]


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